Your Guide To Various Styles Of Vinyl Siding

Whether you want to create the coziness of the Cape Cod styles and its gabled dormers, the classical appearance that only comes with Greek Revival architecture, or French Colonial elegance thanks to a wrap-around porch where you can imagine a lazy afternoon with a good drink in your hand, the many modern styles of vinyl siding offer you tremendous versatility in coming up with any old architectural masterpiece that you might dream of. Vinyl siding comes with a variety of finishes, colors, accessories, and trims, letting you find inspiration in achieving the home look you only dream of.

Horizontal Siding

This is very popular cladding for many homes. Get a classic look with horizontal siding, and customize it in many ways thanks to the siding colors, textures, and shadow lines. Some choices in horizontal siding can include things like Beaded, Dutch Lap, and Traditional Lap styles. With any one of these particular styles, you can pick from a variety of wood grain textures which truly mimic the appearance of real wood, but without any of the maintenance hassles that real wood siding comes with.

Vertical Siding

Vertical siding has gotten quite popular as a design feature or accent element. This pattern of vertical lines has a potentially robust impact. It’s a great choice for dormers, gables, low porch walls, and entryways. You can pick from traditional vertical panels, but you can also get a board and batten style which alternates back and forth between narrow and wide vertical panels so you recreate the classic look that historical homes frequently have associated with them. As with horizontal siding, there are many various dimensions, finishes, and profiles in the world of vertical sliding. You’ll have no shortage of options.

Shingles And Shakes

Vinyl shingles and shakes recreate the appearance of wood shakes, bringing a warm, rustic appeal to the exterior of your home but without the high maintenance and cost that real wood would entail. They’re also available in a variety of styles, be it a rough-hewn style that gives you a distressed rustic look or half-round or straight-edge shingles. Vinyl shingles and shakes are something you can use for your whole home or just as a very striking accent on dormers and gables. Combine these with other various siding materials like stone to get a true wow factor.

Insulated Siding

Insulated vinyl siding, which is siding that has been fused with some foam, can be among the better investments you ever make for your home. Given insulated vinyl siding, your home can enjoy an infiltration barrier against air and moisture, along with a thermal break which stops the transmission of heat. That’s a great thing if you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency. You can even use it to cut down on noise pollution, meaning your home isn’t just cozy, but even quiet indoors. If that’s not enough, then insulated vinyl siding panels can also be more impact-resistant, as well as easier to get installed straight, which means your walls just look better.

Combining various vinyl siding styles can achieve very striking effects, which results in a home exterior that is nothing short of a show-stopper. Don’t be shocked if people start slowing down just to gawk at your property. Provision Remodeling can help you with your siding questions. Call us today

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