Why Wood Home Siding Is Becoming Increasingly Less Common

Although Wood siding has been used in homebuilding for a very long time, in recent years its popularity has significantly decreased. There is a very good reason for this: Wood siding just doesn’t offer the same value that other types of siding options do.


The cost of wood continues to increase as the market becomes increasingly restricted due to regulations and deforestation. It also takes more effort and time to make wood siding compared to other types of siding that manufacturers can produce quickly. For those reasons, you will see that upfront wood siding costs more. Maintaining wood siding is also more expensive.


There are certain weaknesses that wood siding has that we have overcome by developing superior siding materials. When wood siding is installed on your house, you have to worry about pests, water penetration, sun exposure, and temperature fluctuations causing your siding to become an ineffective barrier when it comes to keeping precipitation out.

Sun Exposure

The rays of the sun can cause wood to warp and deteriorate. The sun, over time, can “bake” wood siding, which leaves it weak and vulnerable to precipitation. Also, unless the wood has a UV-protective finish, the wood can discolor very quickly, which will cause your house to look poorly maintained and old.  

Water Penetration

Wood soaks up water naturally. Other types of siding materials, on the other hand, are water repellent. This can lead to wood siding cracking and becoming damage, which can result in your house developing leaks.


If your house has wood siding, carpenter ants, termites, and other types of pests might find their way inside your home.


Wood is highly flammable. Fiber cement and vinyl are not. When your house has wood siding on it, that can turn it into a potential tinderbox, while other types of siding actually help to protect your house against fire.  


Wood is fairly durable, but it won’t outlast the more modern options of siding that are now available. Other types of siding can last for decades without needing to be maintained.

Improvements in Other Types Of Siding Materials

These days, other types of siding materials offer all of the benefits you could possibly want. There is siding available that is highly durable, resilient against temperature changes, protected from the UV-rays of the sun, pest-free, wind resistant, and fireproof. The materials can also be manufactured and shape to look exactly like wood. So your home can be covered in a wood-like, beautiful texture, without having to sacrifice your siding’s value.

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