When Should You Consider Replacing Your Siding

Although you might not notice, an outdated/old siding has a huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency among other factors. Continued use of the old siding will only result in more problems in the future. You should, therefore, be able to recognize signs of an aging siding and consider replacing it.  Here are some of the signs that show its time to replace the existing siding.

  1. Signs of Damage by Wild Animals

The siding isn’t just meant to withstand harsh weather and UV rays alone; it has to put with other external elements and especially animals in the ecosystem.  Woodpeckers, squirrels, termites, rodents, etc., are an example of animals that can damage your siding. Wooden siding is the most vulnerable in this case.

  1. Rocketing Energy Costs

An old or outdated siding could be to blame for the high energy bills you’ve been getting lately. Look out for drafts near windows, walls, doors, light switches, and electrical outlets. Drafts cause the HVAC system to work harder than it should to keep your home comfortable, hence high energy bills.

  1. Bubbles In The Siding

Bubbles in the siding is a clear sign that it (cladding) isn’t doing its job as it is designed to. The main idea behind a siding is to protect your home from water and not to trap it. Trapped water in the siding causes bubbles that attract a myriad of other problems such as mold and mildew growth and rotting.

  1. Peeling Paint, Loose Wallpaper, Or Water Damage

Problems with the siding won’t always manifest on the exterior of the house. Some of these signs will be visible on the inside. Peeling paint, water damage, and loose wallpaper are some of the common symptoms of siding damage on the inside.

  1. Warped or Bulging Siding

Siding damage may start underneath the panels hence harder to detect. Damage due to trapped water or rotting however causes the boards to begin warping. That said, you need to watch out for warping or bulging siding panels. If any, you might then have to replace the siding for improved efficiency.

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