Various Types of Siding Patterns

Most homes have conventional siding and some trim to give the property accents. However, there are more options out there that you can combine in order to make your home even more appealing. In this read, we are going to take a look at a few examples.

Horizontal Patterns

These are most common and are usually preferred due to their remarkable protection against precipitation. This is a traditional siding option that still has an array of patterns including dutch lap siding, beaded siding and lap siding.

Traditional Lap Siding

This is the most common pattern out there. It is not only simple and effective but relatively easy to install. Traditional lap siding has siding boards that are layered on top of each other, partially. This creates a functional water barrier where rainwater flows over the surface of the lower sections of the siding. Traditional lap siding happens to be the least expensive and in terms of its aesthetics, it’s accepted as conventional or normal.

The Dutch Lap

This one is similar to lap siding but features a groove cut out of each horizontal board’s top. The siding is just as effective as lap siding, and the groove cut gives a bit of textural contrast across the facade’s surface as each panel will cast a shadow on the grooved panel that is beneath it. If you want a conventional look with a little bit of additional character compared to traditional lap siding, the dutch lap is an ideal solution.

Beaded Siding

This is a vinyl siding that updates on the lap siding context with additional texture. Beaded siding has a ‘bead’ at the bottom of every horizontal board which gives a more textured surface compared to conventional lap siding. If you want to break up the composition of your house, consider beaded siding.

Vertical Siding Patterns

Other than horizontal patterns, you will also come across houses with vertical siding patterns. They might be less common, but they prove to be excellent for some home styles and are usually used to accent the eaves across the facade of a home.

Panel Siding

This type of vertical siding pattern is as simple as traditional lap siding, but in this case, vertically oriented. The panel siding looks relatively flat, and the panels are put one on top of the other and their surfaces flush.

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