Tips On Choosing Exterior Trim Color For Your Home’s Exterior

When it comes to making a choice on which color best suits your home’s exterior trim, you will have to make your pick from a myriad of options. We have tried to make things easy for you by suggesting a few excellent color pairings:

White Trim Against Colors

If you are working with colorful siding, then you can enhance those hues by going for white or off-white trim. It works best with dark colors because white is an accent hue that compliments those colors. For instance, a vibrant maroon color pops out against an off-white trim.

Grey Trim Against Light Siding

If a lighter siding is your choice, then a grey trim will be the sufficient option that finishes the composition. It is hard to go wrong with greys because they do not draw too much attention. Moreover, they act as accents since they have the same ‘anchoring’ effect as the white trim. You can pair the grey trim with a light blue siding.

Tips for Complex Homes

At times, you need to bring color variance in situations where you have different styles of home siding. To get it right, you will need to start with the main siding working outward. If, for instance, blue-grey is the color for the main siding and elements of your home, and the secondary features have a neutral hue, you can balance everything using a white trim. Overall, you should consider picking a color palette for your home siding that create an ensemble that will suit one type of trim color.

Matching Trim For Simple Homes

Matching the trim and siding is something that some homeowners prefer. It is a ‘safe bet’ of sorts if you are going for a decorative touch that makes your home standout the most in your landscape. However, it does not work well for larger homes because it has an overpowering effect, especially for multi-storied buildings. It, nonetheless, is an excellent choice for ranch-style homes. For instance, pale green can be a unique color choice if paired with other hues. Cover the entire exterior of a one-story house with pale green will see be camouflaged by the surrounding landscape. Therefore, too much of a color can have an overwhelming effect. Mix it up by using trims with a contrasting hue to that of the siding.

Call Your Siding Experts

If you still find it hard deciding what best suits your home, we are here to help. We will advise on the best options for your siding and trim installation.

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