Tips For Correctly Power Washing Your Siding

There are times when the siding of your home will become dirty and you need to pull out the pressure washer.  If you are planning this, you should know some tips to help you clean your siding correctly.

Stay Safe

When washing the siding that is high up, you should not use a ladder.  The water from the washer will wet the ladder rungs making it dangerous.  The pressure from the device can also cause you to lose balance and fall. It is better to get a washer that has an extending nozzle or to have some scaffolding installed.  

You also need to wear protective glasses while washing the siding.  Pressure washers will shoot water at a high velocity to blast the dirt from your siding.  This causes the dirt to become airborne and it can land in your eyes if you are not careful.

Shut Off The Power

You need to turn off the power to any outlets that are close to the siding you will be washing.  The water that you are working with should never come into contact with an electrical power source.  You can turn off the external outlets at the breaker box and only turn them back on when the area is dry.

Use The Right Nozzle

The nozzle that you use should be a 25 degree or a 45-degree nozzle.  These are the best angles for cleaning siding. With these nozzles, you can clean siding overhead from the ground.  

Prepare The Area

Before you start cleaning, you need to prepare the outside of your home.  To do this, you have to tape any openings and vents which should not get wet.  You can use some duct tape and cardboard to do this. You also need to prepare any belongings close to the house.  A tarp should be placed over your air conditioner unit and ensure that it is shut off.  Outdoor furniture should be moved out of the way and you need to be aware of what can get covered in spray from the cleaning.  

To start cleaning, you should turn the pressure washer on and shoot a few blasts to ensure that it is working.  You should then start spraying the side of your home from a yard away. Move closer to the house while maintaining the same pressure until the water removes the dirt.  You should not move closer than this as the pressure from the washer can damage your siding.

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