Mission Bangladesh

The global news have portrayed Bangladesh to be a chaotic country. Personally, we can vouch for that reality as both Andrey and Viktor have spent time in Bangladesh. The country’s high population density is like half of the people in U.S. living in a state the size of Ohio. A few years ago, thousands lost their lives and many were left with nothing as a result of a cyclone that struck the southern region of Bangladesh. Children were left without parents, destining their life towards poverty.

As our mission, we strive to give back to those in dire need. So far we have purchased an acre of land in Bangladesh and built a two-story orphanage among the unreached people. Our vision is to have this place serve as a church, a clinic, a school, and a missionary base. Currently, the project is still underway.

The devastating truth is that Bangladesh has 4.8 million orphans and the numbers are still rising. But with our mission towards hope, 40 orphans will soon call the orphanage home!

As a company, we make sure our investments produce effective results. And as long as we are given the ability, we will continue to support a greater cause. ​


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Provision Remodeling
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