For people who have aluminum siding already but would like to have a different design, it is possible to paint aluminum siding. However, you should spray the finish on all metal siding to achieve the best results. Removing all of the loose finishes is the most important step of the project. Since aluminum siding has a tendency to chalk, there have been specially-formulated acrylic paints that have been developed to deal with that problem. An even more important development is the acrylic primers that have been designed to apply them to chalk surfaces or ones that will be chalky soon. The chemical makeup of the primers allows them to bond chemically with the chalk so that a solid coating is formed that will not lose adhesion or peel.

Synthetic oil (alkyd-based) primers aren’t the best type to use on aluminum. Both the present and future chalking with negatively affect the adhesion of the primer. Choose a latex paint, since they are more elastic, and will, therefore, contract and expand without cracking. Avoid using a dark color, since they absorb more heat than lighter colors.   

All of the major paint manufacturers produce a paint that is specifically designed for aluminum siding. This type of siding has its own unique problem. If this problem is not properly addressed, the paint won’t last. Since aluminum siding is made out of aluminum, it will oxidize. There is no way to avoid or stop it. This issue is addressed by paints that are formulated specifically for aluminum siding. They contain special binders that make it possible for the paint to bond chemically with any remaining surface oxidation and prevents any severe surface oxidation from developing in the future. This special binder is not offered by standard latex and acrylic paints. However, you can use stand latex or acrylic paints if you apply the right primer first. This primer will bond chemically to the oxidized surface and allow the paint to bond chemically to it.     

Make sure to also caulk all cracks, crevices, and seams using a high-quality exterior caulk that is designed to be painted. You cannot paint silicone-based sealants. Finally, make sure to take care of any siding repairs or asbestos repairs before new siding is installed.

Colors of Aluminum Siding

You are in luck if you don’t want to paint your new siding. Aluminum siding is available in a wide selection of colors ranging from blue and green to black and gray. Although vinyl offer offers more color options, choices are aluminum siding is not that much less.  

The following are the most popular colors of aluminum siding:



Orange (Peach_





Light Gray



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