There are several different factors that can significantly decrease or increase the cost to install vinyl siding. Lucky for you, we have done all of the hard work for you! Simply use the following guide to learn everything that you need to know about installation costs for vinyl siding so that you know quick questions to ask siding contractors for your project.

Standard Installation Includes The Following:

– Standard grade siding material (.04″ to .044″ thickness)

– Channels, basic corner trim, and other fastening pieces.

– Removing and disposing of all existing siding.

– Removing and re-installing the existing shutters once the new siding has been installed.

14 Reasons Why You Will Pay More For Vinyl Siding Installation:

  1. If premium grade siding is installed (.046″ and higher).
  2. If premium grade insulated siding is installed.
  3. If you have a two-story house (scaffolding and ladders are required).
  4. If you have a garage (additional materials are required).
  5. If any repairs need to be done to exterior walls before installation can be done.
  6. Wrapping the whole home with insulation before the vinyl siding is installed.
  7. If the installation is done during the peak season (summer or spring) at the busiest times for contractors.
  8. If new shutters are purchased and installed.
  9. If door and window frames and trim must be wrapped.
  10. If the roof eave boards need to be wrapped or covered.
  11. If the soffit and fascia must be replaced.
  12. If extra large panels are installed in order to reduce how many visible seams there are.
  13. If the house has odd-shaped windows or is architecturally complex.
  14. When gable louvers and vents need to be replaced or installed.

4 Ways That You Will Pay Less To Have Vinyl Siding Installed:

  1. If economy grade siding (thickness less than 0.04″) is installed.
  2. If the new siding can be installed over the existing siding on the house.
  3. If an installer is hired during an off-peak season (early winter or late fall).
  4. If a little more is paid for insulated siding, it can help you save on your energy bills in the future.

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