Enhance The Color Of Your Home With Vinyl Siding

It is a major decision to makeover your home’s exterior, and a complex process that needs careful planning. Everything starts with color. That is because the colors that you select express your home’s surroundings, character, and architecture and reflect your personal style as well. With the numerous exterior siding product options that are available, vinyl siding is one of the most popular ones. With such a wide range of shades available, from dark, brooding hues to muted tones, it’s easy to understand why. Choosing the ideal color and accent colors as well can be an overwhelming job. The following are a couple of tips that can help you make the best vinyl siding color decision:  

Working with elements you cannot change

There is a good chance your walkway, stonework, and roof will remain unchanged unless you are going to completely redo your entire house. Consider the colors from those elements when selecting your color scheme. If earth tones are the main colors, then choose a shade that will tie everything together. If your house features an impressive stone facade. select a vinyl siding shade that resembles the shade contained in the stone to create a look that is cohesive but not distracting.

Mix things up with finishes and textures

Create dimension and depth by utilizing contrasting finishes on your house. Currently, this is a very popular trend. Using various textures in certain parts of your house can really enhance the overall look, particularly if you are choosing the same shades for the entire exterior of your home.

Play upon the architecture of your home

Your home’s architectural style, whether it is a contemporary modern, ranch, or craftsman, will help to determine the best color palette for it. A modern house will shine when it is clad in cool, dark tones that will further emphasize its sleekness. A traditional house, on the other hand, will crave warm, rich tones. However, don’t hesitate to try out something new. Recently we saw a gorgeous Victorian house go from a pastel, muted yellow to a very dramatic charcoal tone. It was an absolutely stunning effect.  

Show your personal style off   

Siding isn’t exactly an emotional buy. However, our homes are completely full of emotion. You would like your home to be a reflection of who you are, so select a color scheme you really love.  If the contemporary look is what you are attracted to, select colors with darker undertones and use a black element to anchor your palette (maybe your roof shingles or front door). If you really love adventures, you can always add splashes of bright color to your house. A vivid orange might be too bod to use for your whole house, but if used as an accent in the gables can add a nice flair.

Consider the big picture

After you have narrowed your choices down, don’t simply rely on just a small color swatch for making your decision. Experts recommend getting a couple of pieces (ideally a foot long) in order to have a better idea of the shade. Also, keep in mind that often exterior colors will change depending on the way that the light hits can change them dramatically. Be sure to look at the colors at various times in the day.  

It can be overwhelming to transform your home. However, if you have the right tips and tools, it also can be enjoyable. Check out Provision Remodeling for more details. Give us a call to start your next project soon.

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