The bigger part of most aluminum siding budgets goes towards materials. However, just like other siding options, you will have to choose between colors, thicknesses, and other distinctive features. It is these choices, and others, that affect the cost of aluminum siding materials.

The Cost of Aluminum Siding

Chances are you will also need to hire an aluminum siding expert to install or replace your metal siding. Fortunately, aluminum isn’t heavy, which makes it easier to install than vinyl or wood. Most siding contractors will charge different prices for labor; nevertheless, expect to spend anywhere from $600 to about $1,000 to have your aluminum siding replaced.

Factors The Determine Aluminum Siding Cost

While the cost to have your aluminum siding panel installed might range somewhere around the price quoted above, the good thing is that there are ways you can reduce the overall cost to have siding installed. It is essential that you think about the following factors to ensure that you do not end up overpaying for your siding project:

Aluminum Thickness: You could always buy cheap siding at 44 gauge (0.4” thick) or go for the more durable option, 53-gauge (0.53”) aluminum. The thicker the gauge, the more expensive the siding will be.

Labor: While you can replace or install aluminum siding by yourself, it is advisable that you always consider hiring a professional. Do-It-Yourself is, without a doubt, way cheaper, but chances are it won’t last longer than if you let an expert handle the project. When it comes to labor costs, please note that some contractors will charge more for their services than others based on their schedule and experience.

Warranties: Professional siding contractors offer guarantees. If a contractor does not, we recommend that you consider working with another contractor or negotiate the price.

Siding Removal: If the aluminum siding service provider has to remove and get rid of existing siding, be ready to pay more for the service.

Permits: You might or might not need to have a license to have siding installed or replaced. If a permit is required, the cost will rise.

Maintenance and Insulation: This isn’t something that you can alter, but it is worth noting that new aluminum siding will reduce ongoing maintenance, improve insulation and lower future siding and HVAC repair costs.

Aluminum siding is an excellent option considering how durable and cost-effective it is, especially when compared to the different options available on the market. And while aluminum siding has been in the scene since the 60s, it does not show any signs of fading away anytime in the near or distant future

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