A Touch of Dramatic Flair With Vertical Siding

Are you looking for a way to boost the curb appeal of your home? If so, vertical siding will help you accomplish just that. This type of siding may be used all over your home or in conjunction with other materials such as stone, brick, and even wood. It is an excellent way to raise the visual appeal of your structure.

When vertical siding is used all over the exterior of your home, it aids in giving it an illusion of height. If you want to add even further interest to the look of your home, make the trim of doors, windows, and siding in a contrasting color. For example, you could paint your siding a brooding gray shade while contrasting a bright red door with crisp white trim. There is certainly a showstopping combination!

Vertical siding can also be used on the lower portion of a home in order to add some flair here. You may also use this siding to accentuate points of architecture such as gables. Vertical siding can be placed anywhere that you would like to draw some attention to, even bay windows and entryways.

As previously discussed, vertical siding is quite versatile, and it can be used on all sorts of homes, from traditional to modern. We have even seen this siding used on a home made from shipping containers!

When you add to your home’s exterior you will be aiding in raising its value. Make your home the one that stands out in your neighborhood and select vertical siding in a bold, beautiful color. Do you prefer neutral shades? We have those as well to suit your needs. Find our full listing of colors here.

Vertical siding comes with the benefits of classic lap siding. The professionals at Provision Remodeling can help you. These include stylish drama and colors to choose from, low maintenance, and a limited lifetime guarantee. Improve your home with vertical siding today by giving us a call.

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