A Quick Overview Of Home Siding And What It Does

The siding in a home serves to primary functions. It is a protective barrier that shields the house from the outside elements such as winds, snow, rain, and hail. It also a decorative touch that adds to the overall design aesthetics of the exterior. If you consider the two, other features also protect the home and are a beautiful addition.

How Does Siding Protect the Home?

Water penetration is one of the failures, which may be the most common, attributed to poor installation of home siding. Use the wrong material or do the installation wrongs, and water will find its way into your home from the windows or roof causing significant damaged.

What are the Most Common Types of Siding?

Vinyl is the common choice of material used for home siding, and it can be available in any color. Vinyl is the favored material of choice because it is durable and easy to maintain.

Wood can also be used for home siding. It exudes a rustic look, and it is durable and inexpensive. However, timber is susceptible to rot and damage, thus requiring higher maintenance that makes it a costly choice.

Metal siding is also another option, with aluminum being the most common. It is cheap, but it is not very durable and lacks alluring aesthetics. The many repairs and subsequent replacement of the aluminum siding are a drawback that many homeowners consider.

What Siding is Best?

If you take into account the significance of the home siding, you will appreciate the qualities you need to consider when deciding which siding is best.

When looking at the qualities to consider, you should factor in the functions of the siding, which are to protect your house and to be decorative touch. That is why Vinyl will be at the top of the list since it can work in cold, warm, dry, or wet locations. Brick and cement may also be worth considering, but they cannot beat Vinyl.

Wood and stucco may also be engineered to rise to the occasion; however, most of these will not adequately hold up against the elements as would Vinyl.

Green Siding

If you take thing up a notch by going for green options, then fiber-cement siding will be the most eco-friendly and effective option available. The siding is durable, and the cost-factor is addressed in the low maintenance and few to no repairs down the road.

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